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We are a nonprofit who's programs support the sustainable growth of small food, beverage and farm businesses because we believe these benefit the local economy and health of SLO County, California.


Slow Money is a movement that launched as a result of a book written by Woody Tasch called


"Slow Money; Investing as if Food, Farms and Fertility Mattered".


The book was inspired by the Slow Food movement, which encourages people to eat locally produced food. Tasch and others recognized that Slow Food needed a companion movement to encourage community recognition and support of locally produced food by lending to and/or shopping with small food, beverage and farm businesses.


Woody Tasch is the leader of the Slow Money movement, and there are about 8 independent entities around the country, including ours, helping to grow local food and protect farmland.

The Slow Money movement proposes that individuals and entities assist local food, beverage and farm businesses financially so that they can survive and grow. Slow Money SLO does this through our Small Business Coaching, Harvestly, and Farm to School Central Coast programs.


We must bring money back down to earth - Slow Money Principle #1

Investing time, money or ideas STARTS WITH YOU! To learn more about the Slow Money philosophy - investing as if food, farms, and fertility mattered - watch this brief video.

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Small Business Coaching
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Meet the people and businesses that have been impacted by their involvement with Slow Money SLO. You may already recognize and/or buy from some!


Whether you're a local food enthusiast, local food consumer, or volunteer, there are a variety of ways to join the Slow Money SLO community. 

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