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Slow Money aims to spark a range of investment conversations, helping develop unique funding relationships for sustainable food and farming businesses. If you eat, you are already invested in food businesses. By lending with Slow Money, you increase that support and make it for local, small growers and producers, maybe ones you already know.


Consumer to food business lending keeps money invested locally. We work with food business owners who have a great brand and committed followers who would like a chance to grow their business but need financial support. We introduce them to Slow Money SLO lending program participants who want to assist, while helping them prepare their plans and financial projections.


Interested in learning more about lending? Tell us a little about your interests and we will send opportunities that we think could be a good match. Submitting your information does not obligate you to make loans! We will simply add you to our list of interested investors, and keep you informed on upcoming opportunities including entrepreneurial showcases so that you can come and meet business owners. Submit your interest below!


Want to learn more? Leave your info so that we can get in touch.

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Slow Money SLO has been a Trustee for Kiva since 2015. In this Trustee capacity, we are in a position to refer SLO County based, small food and farm businesses to Kiva for potential crowd funded loans. These are small loans, at no interest, which are facilitated by Kiva , but which must begin with local support. After initial funding support is achieved online through the Kiva website, others from around the country and world may also participate to reach the desired loan amount. Go to the Kiva website to learn more about the Kiva model and process. 


Why is Slow Money SLO a Kiva Trustee?

Slow Money is all about local investment in small food and farm businesses that you know, in products you may be already buying, and really knowing how your money is being used. The Slow Money SLO local network made the decision that Kiva may be an important funding approach to helping startup and small, food and farm businesses. Other programs of support offered by Slow Money SLO may become useful tools for these small businesses as they get off the ground, establish their brand and make progress against a business plan that contributes to our local food economy.

What to do if I am a small food business in SLO County and want to apply?
Interested food and farm businesses may approach Slow Money SLO for support as a Trustee to kick start the Kiva loan process. Eligible businesses should be based in SLO County, be specifically about food and improving the local food economy, and be aligned with the Principles of Slow Money. The Slow Money SLO group is completely responsible for the decision on whether to sponsor a business requesting our support. For more information and to take the next step, contact us!

Image by Emmanuel Mbala

SLO Food Co-op, 2012

Vert Foods, 2012

Benefit Foods, 2012

Functional Gourmet, 2013

Mama Ganache, 2013

Off the Farm, 2014

Native Herbs & Honey, 2014

Reef Points Hard Cider, 2014 & 2015

All Good, 2015 & 2016

Dacite Farm, 2016

Baba Small Batch Hummus, 2015

South Bay Wild, 2016

Best Ever Salsa (Kiva), 2017

Whalebird Kombucha, 2017/18

Lotus + Mongo Madness Restaurant, 2018

Back Porch Bakery, 2018

Monkey Spit Hot Sauce /

Smith House Manufacturing (Kiva), 2018

Black Diamond Vermicompost (Kiva), 2019

Rock Front Ranch, 2019

Bliss River Organics, 2020

Bang the Drum Brewery, 2020

WellBean (Kiva), 2020

Bread Bike, 2021

Kelpful (Kiva), 2021

A-Town Humble Pies (Kiva), 2021

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