Image by Markus Spiske


Slow Money aims to extend our impact as widely as possible. We are a small but industrious organization of staff and volunteers with deep commitment to community health: healthy soil, healthy food, healthy economy. Your generosity will enable various aspects of our operations including staff development, communications, nonprofit administration, Farm to School programming, event planning, facilitation of local lending projects, and more!


​Slow Money SLO accomplishes our non-profit mission by promoting and encouraging local food consumption and by providing support to those who feed us. We have been assisting and promoting local, small food, farm, and beverage enterprises since 2012. We are able to do this work because of you and your support. 


Our mission driven work looks like:


  • Food and farming business support

    •  Connecting food businesses to one another and to resources 

      • Assists growth and overcoming operational challenges 

    • Connecting small farms with institutional buyers

      •  Farm to School sales and education 

    • Facilitating lending from individuals to food enterprises 

      • For businesses not eligible for traditional lending

      • Coaching small businesses through financial projections to demonstrate their growth opportunities and ability to pay back loans

      • We have assisted more than 30 entities with total loans now exceeding $1.4M

  • Food tasting and networking events (in person and/or virtual)

    • Free to the public

    • Introduce the community to new, up and coming food businesses and owners


  • Outreach & promotion of food enterprises and their achievements

    • Monthly newsletters

    • Social media 

If these impacts sound like some that are worth your investment, please donate above or below!