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You can help build a thriving local economy, vibrant soil, a healthy population and quality food system on the Central Coast!


If you eat food, you are supporting food and farming! We are always encouraging folks to find the local options for their favorite snacks, veggies, or delicious meal. By buying local, you are helping make our local food system and economy stronger!


Slow Money SLO is a small nonprofit that relies on volunteers to reach more of the community. Whether you are interested in social media, events, outreach, or business coaching, we have opportunities for you!


Our nonprofit strives to work on projects that support our community. We are dedicated to staying active and extending our impact as widely as possible. We are able to do this through your donations and grant funding. Read about our impact to decide if Slow Money SLO is where you would like to invest.


Our nonprofit wants to get food & farming  businesses involved in our network wherever possible. We welcome participation through  program and/or event sponsorship. If you or your business enjoy hosting events and having your name promoted to Slow Money SLO fans and partners, this is the opportunity for you!

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