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An important tenant of Slow Money is the support of local, small farms and food businesses including beverage, ranch, fishery and value-added food production businesses. As a companion movement to Slow Food, which advocates for eating local, Slow Money wants to provide the business and financial support that helps our local food system thrive. Slow Money SLO advocates for consumers and institutions to buy and consume local food for both health and food system  benefits.

Photos by Kris M Beal Photography at Bounty of the Harvest, 2019
Hosted at Tiber Canyon Ranch
Meal produced by SLO Provisions

Slow Money SLO hosts several events per year, from small farmer-to-buyer mixers, to grand farm-to-table dinners. No matter the venue or the attendees, the goal of these events is to showcase local entrepreneurs and the fruits of their labor, and to bring new Slow Money fans face to face with the hard working food, beverage, and farm folks who are striving to create a  local food system that is sustainable, ecocentric, and delicious!


We have continued to find new ways to support our local farmers. In 2018, in order to gather small, local farmers together to increase communication we put together a farmers only Google Group, and ramped up our effort to make connections to institutional buyers. Other supports include Slow Money SLO Wilhelm Farm Fund, business coaching, scholarships for educational events, and grant and fundraising efforts. Slow Money SLO is committed to problem solving with and for our local farmers to remove barriers and ease challenges.

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Farmers, commercial buyers, and institutional buyers were invited to a Farm-to-buyer mixer in 2019 hosted by Farm Supply SLO.

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