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Minibites with Slow Money SLO - SLO Food Co+op

Shopping local: SLO Food Co+op

Installation #2 in our 'Minibites w/ Slow Money SLO' series goes back to our roots. Woot! SLO Food Co-op was our first #slowmoney lending project and we are beyond excited to see them not only thriving, but paying it forward! During the months of March and April, they will be donating their 2% Tuesdays funds to Slow Money SLO, and they already have $400+ !! If you dont know about this program of theirs yet, hop on over to their pages to learn more!

Thanks SLO Food Co-op for the support, for stocking your shelves with top quality local products including from other Slow Money supported businesses, and for the excellent shopping experience!!


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