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Minibites with Slow Money SLO - Sloco Health + Wellness

Updated: May 23

Health + Wellness: good, clean, snackable, fun!

The #adventures continue! And this one's a #twofer, cuz we've got Sloco Health + Wellness love and Whalebird Kombucha love (stay tuned to the end to find that whalebird)

If y'all don't know Sloco Health + Wellness yet, lemme introduce ya:

"Sloco Health + Wellness was started with holistic health in mind. Owner Natasha wanted to offer the community a path to wellness that addressed the whole body, not just one system at a time. COVID prompted the company to pivot toward a multi-service model that would compliment and add on to their massage expertise. Giving the community the option for Wellness Membership means health + wellness can become part of a daily practice, and not just a once in a while activity." Can you #digit ?!!

A big ol' #thankyou to the crew at Sloco Health + Wellness! They are #amazing! So friendly, generous, and knowledgeable. This place is truly #fullservice. Beyond what you see in the vid, they have so many more services for your all around health, including #healthysnacks and #healthybeverages ! Head over to their pages to learn more about their Wellness Membership and services

#cryotherapy #healthandwellness #holistichealth #bcorp #yummysnacks

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